Magnesium, also known as the ‘miracle’ mineral is one of three life essentials, together with oxygen and water. Its central role in the body is to activate 3,751 proteins, and thus thousands of enzyme systems. Magnesium helps regulate blood pressure and blood sugar and enable muscles to contract, nerves to send messages and enzymes to work.

Scholars have come to realise that magnesium plays a key role in all metabolic systems and is a contributing factor to nearly all major health issues. It is said that on average there is about 28grams of magnesium in the human body, roughly divided 50/50 over teeth and bones and then over blood and tissues on the other side. 

The human body doesn’t manufacture magnesium, it gets this mineral from your diet. Magnesium retention in the body is low due to the body excreting magnesium through urine and sweat glands.

It is vastly reported that there is a worldwide concern of magnesium deficiency in most adults.

Morley Robbins (aka, Magnesiumm Man), MBA, CHC identified that magnesium deficiency is the common thread for millions of people who are dealing with heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer, general fatigue, and any chronic condition borne out of inflammation. He was shocked to learn that magnesium deficiency, or insufficiency, was at the centre of all these common modern diseases.

Many scholars have identified that topical application of magnesium therapy is more effective than oral intake, as when taken orally its affected by several elements in the gut and can act as a laxative.  This is found to reduce the amount of time the mineral can be absorbed in the body.

Researchers have identified that magnesium applied on the skin or absorbed in a bath soak brings the magnesium ions into the distal part of sweat glands. This then activates the process of re-absorbing magnesium cells to detect a high concentration of magnesium and then they just do their job and re-absorb magnesium, even though it is coming from the outside. This is referred to as, Transdermal uptake.

A recent study in the effectiveness of topical (transdermal) application of magnesium was undertaken where patients using transdermal magnesium therapy saw increases in their cellular magnesium levels after 12 weeks of using magnesium sprays and soaks.

This explains how ancient people used minerals like magnesium for topical therapies for centuries with very little knowledge of the science behind the application. Their methods of using minerals for health benefits included bath soaks and mud packs.