bVitra blends are carefully formulated to create wellness products that are 100% natural even down to our packaging
bVitra – be pure in everything you do

Our Wellness Collection

We have developed blends with the whole family in mind. Our products are family friendly, however (always read the label and instructions for use prior to purchasing, to ensure the product is right for you).   bVitra products are for external use only.

They may assist in helping you to relax, calm the nerves, ease body aches and pains and help you to get a good night sleep.  Checkout our product range – you might just find what you are looking for!

Our current range includes body soaks, bath balls, foot soaks and massage oils.  Coming in 2020 is our cream range.

free delivery – Australia wide

Our Ethical Standards

We have considered the impact of our products on the environment, animals and people. 

When selecting resellers and distribution channels to promote and sell the bVitra product range on their business platforms, we have carefully considered how they will fit in with the bVitra ethos.

We our proud to be associated with the following businesses as they have demonstrated to share similar morals, values and business ethics, as that of bVitra.  

Naturally home is unique, they offer a boutique collection of plant based, non-toxic products, for every room in your home. They make ‘living life naturally’ very simple. They have done the hard work and narrowed down choices for those wanting to ‘switch to safer’, but do not have the time to research or shop for the best products. They offer a range of safer options all on one site- a one stop shop!

Coming soon wellness partner to sell bVitra product range via their international online wellness shop.

Stay tuned.

Naturely Shop is an online community marketplace where local producers of healthy living products are connected with consumers. Naturely Shop is a family orientated business that promotes a green lifestyle and they strive to find the highest quality organics with the least environmental impact for consumers. bVitra collection on Naturely Shop:

New organic production

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