About Us

bVitra is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Pavitra’ meaning pure.

How bVitra Was Started

After I experienced the negative effects of conventional personal care products that my children were using, my curiosity to know why these products irritated and discoloured their skin, and stained the bath tub was ignited.  

Applying the skills I acquired during my professional career in Safety Risk Management, I set out to research the properties of each ingredient and find out what is in these products.

I was alarmed at what I discovered. There is over 20,000 harmful chemicals used in personal care products today. 

This was an aah-ha moment for me.

I decided then to do something about it and say no to toxic and chemical based products. bVitra was born.

Lila Bate



Ethically Sourced

Over the past few years I have invested many hours researching synthetic fragrances, colours, flavours and artificial sweeteners and discovered there is clinical data linking these ingredients to hormone imbalance, ADHD, cancer causing diseases and arthritis. The list goes on…

My response to these findings was to develop 100% natural products to offer consumers alternative choices that may assist in the relief of muscle aches and pains, arthritis and skin concerns.

Our products are vegan friendly – meaning there are no animal-derived ingredients used in our products, and gluten free – meaning there are no wheat-derived ingredients used in our products. Our products are for external use (topical application) only.

The bVitra packaging is also carefully considered. We use bio degradable stand up pouches, recyclable boxes, reusable bottles, and jars.

What our customers say about us…

I and my family are very happy to use bVitra products. We were given a trial product to use for my son’s skin. (Magnesium and Lavender Bath Ball). He had rashes on the joints of body. The bath salts were put in his bath water and after three days and night of use, our son’s skin became clearer and the itching stopped. This product is highly recommended.


Every summer, blisters on my feet is what I have been suffering for the last 13 to 14 years. After, I used bVitra products, whole suffering went away. My feet are clean, blister free and no itch on them. Thank you bVitra. I love your products.